CrossOver - Network For Youth Culture

Short project description:
CrossOver supports youth culture especially youth music by reflecting the work of young (and also of established) musicians, offering them training possibilities and connecting them with each other and with institutions.

Project summary: :
CrossOver founder, Thomas Feist, is responsible for youth music in the Youth Office of the Protestant Church in Saxony. So he developed the idea of a network for music and other kinds of youth culture. About 20 editors now work in the project writing reviews about CDs and concerts, doing interviews with bands, offering education tools for musicians, giving technical support, looking for interesting bands and musicians, reflecting about new youth culture project ideas or searching for new co-operation partners. To support tolerance in the youth of today, all genres of music and youth culture are covered (with differing intensity). To erase borders between Christian and non-Christian youth and their music, both areas are reflected.

The objectives and the context of our project:
1.) To give young readers and internet users information about interesting bands, projects, musicians etc.
2.) To reflect the work of bands, projects, youth culture artists etc.
3.) To offer education possibilities to bands, projects, youth culture artists etc.
4.) To support tolerance between people of different cultures.
5.) To connect young musicians and culture workers with each other.

That is unique in our project:
1) reflection of music above all stylistically borders
2) reflection of music and youth culture both of the Christian and non-Christian area
3) system of "people with knowledge" who are willing to share their knowledge with the users and readers.

Number of users of the project and preferred method of interaction: About 300 users per month in direct interaction (sending in any kind of information for publication, asking for help in special questions, looking for some special bands or musicians etc.), between 25.000 and 40.000 page views per month in general.

Contribution of the project to improving education and training for young people:
1) offering special training courses (CD recording techniques, singing, playing instruments etc.)
2) arrangements of bands with recording studios, concert organisers etc.
3) training of the journalistic feeling of the editors themselves
4) offering the possibility for "guest writers" to reflect about for examples concerts in their home area.

How the project came about: :
To cut a long story short: Founded by Thomas Feist in 1996/1997 with a team of five people as a printed music journal, development of the internet work in 1998, freezing the printed journal due to lack of money in 2001 and now focusing on the internet work (updated about once per month - after updating, a "noiseletter" is sent out to about 4000 e-mail addresses stating all the new content). Permanent growing of the team to recently about 20 editors, a mixture of Christians from different denominations and of non-Christians.

Future plans and wish list:
Bands and musicians from all over the world: send in your CDs for review! We also permanently look for new editors (preferred from Germany or other German-speaking countries) and of course for sponsors. We always try to feature unknown bands (some of them first time ever in Germany!) on our side. Bands with satanic, nazi or gore lyrics: Please get you gone.

CrossOver - Network For Youth Culture
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